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6 Benefits of Live Streaming Pre-Recorded Videos



Live streaming has become an extremely popular way for content creators to engage with their audience in real time. However, not everyone has the ability to go live as often as they would like. Accidents can happen, emergencies may spring up. There just isn’t always a guarantee that you’d be able to go live as planned. 

This is where streaming pre-recorded videos can be advantageous.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 6 of these benefits.

More Flexible Scheduling

One of the biggest perks of live stream a pre-recorded video content is the flexibility it allows in your streaming schedule. With live streaming, you need to broadcast at a certain date and time when your audience is available. But with pre-recorded videos, you can choose to premiere them whenever is most convenient for you and your viewers. 

Live Streaming Pre Recorded Videos

You may have a library of high-quality videos that you want to share but don’t have time to live stream. By scheduling pre-recorded streams, you can still deliver that content to your audience without being restricted to a rigid streaming schedule.

Ability to Reuse Quality Content

High-production live streams take a lot of time and effort to create. But often, that great content is only seen once during the live broadcast. Streaming pre-recorded videos gives you the ability to replay and reuse your best material.

For example, you could premiere an evergreen tutorial video that provides value to new viewers over and over again. Or you may want to re-stream an exclusive interview or gameplay footage that your audience loved the first time around. Repurposing pre-recorded content allows you to maximize your best videos.

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More Control Over Stream Quality

With live streaming, technical difficulties can happen in the moment, like camera malfunctions, audio issues, or internet connectivity problems. But with pre-recorded videos, you can ensure that the streaming quality is polished before your audience sees it.

You have full control over editing the video, adding graphics, correcting audio, and uploading a high-quality file. There’s no risk of technical problems disrupting the stream. Viewers will enjoy an optimal viewing experience.

Ability to Monitor Chat in Real Time

One benefit of streaming pre-recorded videos is that the content creator can actively monitor and engage with the live chat in real time. Even though the video itself is not live, the creator can see chat messages and react to them as if the footage were being broadcasted live.

This allows the creator to have meaningful interactions with the audience and answer questions just as they would during a fully livestream. Viewers feel connected even though the video itself is pre-recorded.

Optimization for Different Time Zones

When you exclusively live stream, it can be challenging to find a broadcast time that works well for all of your followers across different time zones. By streaming pre-recorded videos, you can strategically schedule streams at times when more of your audience is available to tune in.

You can even premiere the same pre-recorded video multiple times to target viewers in different time zones. This helps you maximize your reach and ensure more people have the chance to watch your content live.

Less Pressure On You as Creator

Live streaming places a lot of pressure on creators to be entertaining and energetic for long stretches of time. But with pre-recorded streaming, you can take breaks, edit together the best moments, and give yourself time to recharge in between streams.

You don’t have to worry about stumbling over your words or making mistakes while you’re live. You’ll have more mental bandwidth to engage with your audience and focus on providing an amazing viewing experience from start to finish.

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Conclusion: Advantages of Live Streaming Pre-Recorded Videos

At the end of the day, the viewers mainly care about enjoying quality content. Live streaming pre-recorded videos allows you to strategically deliver engaging material when it works for both you and your audience. It’s a best-of-both-worlds approach that leverages the interactive nature of live streaming with the production value of pre-recorded content.

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