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Online Casino Games Explained for Beginners

Online Casino Games Explained for Beginners



If you haven’t experienced the online casino world yet, you’re not likely to be aware of the many types of games you can play. Each software provider may focus on their own specific titles, while some branch out and produce many different types of games.

From slots to live casino games, RNG table games, to instant win titles, we’re here to introduce all newbies to the types of casino games they should expect to see available at leading casinos.

Online Casino Games Explained for Beginners

Let’s begin.


Slots Form the Lion’s Share

You can visit virtually any online casino you want. Online slots will always form the lion’s share of any site’s collection. Of all the possible titles you can choose to play, these games are also the most diverse.

Top betting sites such as have literally thousands for you to choose from, too. These can include fruit machines, classic slots, and conventional non-progressive video slots. However, you will also find progressive jackpot games and modern MegaWays and Cluster Pays slots in the mix.

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RNG Table Games Explained

It isn’t just top slots you should expect to see at leading casinos. Table games that closely mimic their land-based counterparts should also be expected. RNG (random number generator) table games are played against an AI dealer and allow you to take your time betting.

You aren’t rushed into making a move and even have the luxury of consulting strategy charts from the comfort of your own home.

Live Dealers Offer Realism

If you fancy more realism, then casinos with live dealer games are the way to go. These releases are played with a human dealer taking control of the action and may or may not feature other human players. This is made possible by a live video stream.

However, because the game is occurring in real-time, you will be forced to make decisions rather rapidly. This can prove troublesome for first-timers, but live dealer games are definitely something you’re going to want to look at later down the line.

Legendary Video Poker Games

How about playing some legendary video poker games? These games are very reminiscent of the types of titles you used to play in land-based casinos. They are immensely basic and do not require a whole lot of guesswork or skills to play.

Assuming you already know how poker works and the ranking of the hands, you shouldn’t need much more to get started with video poker at top casinos.

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Instant Wins, Fixed Odds, and More

Lastly, there are other games you can play if you fancy something different. These games include instant win titles, fixed odds games, and more.

For instance, they might include keno, online scratch cards, bingo, virtual sports betting games, and more besides. Either way, there are plenty of options out there, and the benefit of these games is that virtually anybody – with no experience at all – can expect to play them at any time.

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