How to Get More Views on YouTube? 11 Tactics that Actually Work

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Do you have a YouTube channel? Obviously, to create exciting and viral clips, you need something more than just a quality image or an interesting script.

Adding subs to videos with the help of android subtitles applications, the use of tags, etc.

YouTube View Bots and Other Easy Hacks to Increase Views

If you want to increase your views quickly and you do understand the risks of being against YouTube rules, we provide you this information to help you. For more detailed information, please read:

Here are the top tips that will allow you to increase views on YouTube videos and promote your channel. Nothing supernatural, just doable and rational recommendations.

How to Get More Views on YouTube 11 Tactics that Actually Work

Systematic work

It is essential to work systematically, create a publication schedule, and post new videos regularly. It will take a lot of work. Set yourself up for long and hard work. Six months, a year, maybe more.

Consistently 2-3 times a week, you need to create new videos. In 99% of cases, this kind of systematic work gives an excellent result.

There are only a few cases when someone opens a new topic or a new format for submitting content gets hype, and quickly becomes popular.

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Subject matter and serial content

The channel must have a theme. The channel must have a target audience. The channel can’t be about everything. Your viewers will be United by a common interest and passion for what you give them.

Choose the main topic of the channel and work on it. Create permanent categories by organizing them into playlists. Serial content is a great option for audience retention and audience engagement.

If a video has successfully entered, received good views and approval from the audience, think about creating a series based on this video, and shooting its continuation.

Viewers who subscribe to your channel after watching a particular video will wait for the continuation of what they saw. This means that creating serial content is a good solution to meet your subscribers’ expectations.

Creating a channel trailer

When new viewers come to your channel, it is important to get them interested in something so that they immediately go to the Video section and start viewing your content.

The best way to do this is to make a high-quality trailer that would tell about the author, the videos produced, and plans for the development of the channel.

Create a small thirty-second video clip, make it a trailer, and new users’ interest in your content will immediately increase.

Trends and current topics

Using trends, current and popular topics will allow you to get an influx of new audiences. Create videos using trends. These videos may be noticed by viewers who don’t know you yet and aren’t your subscribers.

And YouTube algorithms will help you get more traffic from similar videos and the YouTube homepage.

Harmoniously fit the trending videos in your release schedule on the channel. First of all, pay attention to the trends that will be of interest to your target audience.

High-quality content

What is quality content? This is not necessarily a very cool video with beautiful editing and special effects. High-quality content and good video should have the following properties:

  1. Normal, not repulsive picture and a decent sound.
  2. Availability of a script, video idea, and story.
  3. Focusing on your target audience.
  4. The presence of a clear and recognizable image, a character in the video.
  5. Originality in the presentation of the material, not copying someone else.
  6. Communication with viewers, calls to action.
  7. High-quality video optimization.
  8. Beautiful video design, attractive video icon.

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Meeting the expectations of the target audience

It is very important to keep your subscribers active. To do this, you need to regularly create videos that will meet the expectations of the audience. You should not take long breaks in the video publishing schedule.

Communicate with the audience, conduct periodic streams, answer questions, and listen to the audience’s opinion. Don’t forget to ask what videos viewers want to see on your channel.

If you are selling a product, create a video with your reviews

An unbiased opinion from outside always looks interesting and effective. Also, the assessment of those who have already used your product or applied to you for services inspires confidence in the viewer.

High-quality internal video optimization

Internal video optimization is important to increase the detection factor. This is necessary so that potential viewers notice your video so that YouTube algorithms correctly rank the video and help you promote it.

At a minimum, you need to optimize:

  • the title of the video;
  • video description;
  • tags;
  • video icon;
  • playlists.

Additional features:

  • linking (annotations, hints, end screensavers, links in the description, calls to action);
  • subtitles;
  • translation of metadata and subtitles to other languages;
  • adding videos to social networks, websites, and forums.


Collaboration with other channel authors, mutual promotion, and joint projects are a great opportunity to attract a new audience to your channel, increase views, and increase subscribers.

Advertising and PR

If you have an advertising budget, you can run an advertising campaign. To do this, you must first prepare the channel for advertising – to have a good trailer, at least 10 interesting videos published, and a cool channel design.

After that, you collect thematic channels where you would like to place ads, request terms and prices, and make calculations to choose the most favorable offers.

Discuss the ad placement procedure in detail so that you are understood correctly and there are no disagreements. This way you can get a fairly effective advertising campaign.

Monitoring competitors and implementing successful solutions

Make a list of channels that work on the same topic as you. Watch what they do, how they develop, which videos get more views, and approval from the audience. Adopt interesting ideas, notice successful solutions.

Follow these guidelines to help you increase your YouTube video views and grow your channel.

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