How to Get Great Online Patient Reviews?

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In dealing with health matters, patients are reasonably particular with the clinics they go to and physicians that they consult with. Of course, they won’t simply entrust their health to a doctor without checking previous reviews made by other patients.

Doctor reputation management, thus, becomes all the more important given that reputation and credibility are influential factors on whether the business and the physician will succeed in the industry.

Thankfully, the internet is an endless source of information, allowing patients to view assessments regarding the physician’s work, the efficiency of their service, and see ratings on the facility.

That said, businesses now pivot to garnering more stellar reviews online, working on efforts to encourage past patients to actually leave their testimonials, and consequently, boost the clinic’s reputation. 

How to Get Great Online Patient Reviews

Ultimately, this doesn’t just help the business since it also helps patients in deciding the best doctor to consult with. With this in mind, how does a practice get more good reviews online?

5 Tips to Get Great Patient Reviews Online

1. Provide top-notch service

Clients will not shy away from recommending a service they truly appreciated, and for a good review to happen, there must first be a good experience. Nowadays, they would always choose the most efficient, convenient, and competent option.

The business must then view the quality of service as the first point of focus because ultimately, convenience and excellence are the key ingredients to patients’ satisfaction. 

Hence, the practice can apply methods that make operations and procedures simpler to increase the quality of their service. The more effortless it is for the patient, the more likely they are to give good evaluations online.

Digital tools, such as Demandforce, do so by automating reminders and having easy communications with physicians, both of which contribute to the overall patient experience.

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2. Create an impactful media presence

Before a patient can send in their review, they must be aware of the site to leave their reviews in. Through these sites, the clinic and its doctors can introduce themselves, their specializations and give more information about their niche. So how does a practice drive patients to their own webpage? 

To create an online presence, the website must be generating an audience through authentic posts, and make use of search engine optimization. Whether it be through blog posts, articles, or short tweets, the clinic can reach a wider audience and as a result of building a reputable website, patients would know where to leave their impressions for viewers to see.

In addition, doctors and practices can use digital tools that employ marketing methods that can bring in that website traffic. 

3. Third-party review sites

Aside from using their own websites to show patient impressions on the clinics or doctors, practices also have the option of utilizing review sites. These sites list the reviews and boost the clinic’s exposure to the public, even if the viewers don’t organically visit the clinic’s actual website. 

In many cases, these sites are more accessible than the practice’s site itself and thus have the capacity to influence more people to list their own reviews. Clinics can even customize their profiles and create a more appealing  

4. Respond to reviews online

To increase physician reputation, doctors or clinics can respond to the reviews and ratings patients have sent online. Doing so shows that patients’ impressions matter to them, and implies that they would commit to giving consistently good service to all patients. Knowing that positive reviews are recognized by doctors could prompt more testimonials to show up online, especially since other patients’ were acknowledged. 

A customer-centered clinic would still respond even if the review is negative because, in that way, readers know that the clinic is open to feedback and is willing to apply ways to improve the patients’ satisfaction.

5. Request for feedback

Speaking of feedback, getting more reviews means that the practice must think of proactive ways to seek such assessments. Giving patients the option to share their ratings and impressions influences them to do so since it’s encouraging to know that their thoughts and experiences matter.

Demandforce allows its clients to gently request feedback through surveys, which are sent ideally after each consultation schedule so that the experience can be easily recalled. The platform also features automated review requests, wherein businesses automatically invite patients to leave their reviews online.

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Five for five

The ability to regularly provide good experiences, as heard from different people, is a sign of a successful practice. However, it’s not just important for the business, since it also informs the patients of the best medical practitioner or clinic to trust in handling their health. 

There’s no denying that the digital presence of an organization, clinic, or doctor matters even more now. These 5 tips to gain 5 stars are just a few strategies to help a practice increase its online testimonials from patients, and the reputation will soon follow. 

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