How to Create a Lead Magnet?

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Why do you need a lead magnet? This will likely be the first question you’ll ask if you are starting an online venture, but the fact is that it could be the easiest way to make sales without spending much on marketing. 

Lead magnets are not some new trendy term like the many others associated with the .com generation; they have been essential tactics used by marketers for ages.

While you can scramble an email together or craft a landing page, if it does not convert with all the traffic you get, you may want to focus on creating a better lead magnet. So what then is a lead magnet, and how can you create one?

How to Create a Lead Magnet

What is a Lead Magnet?

There is a good chance you’ve interacted with one in the past. And it is a gift given by a website or blogger in exchange for your email. As a webmaster or a business owner, you must understand how to take advantage of this golden opportunity. 

The freebie, which usually can be anything from an e-book or gift item, has to be something worth giving up your contact details for. At least, this is what you aim to achieve when you create a lead magnet.

It is not enough that you are giving it for free; it has to be worthy. If not, you may not get much email subscription if you do get any.

The link here has more on growing your email list. 

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Why do you Need a Lead Magnet?

You may ask the question, of what importance is a lead magnet to you? And the truth is it could make the difference between getting any positive results in your online marketing or not. 

As a marketer, you can stay in touch with your clients and potential clients with their emails. More than 90% of email users read their emails daily, which means you could be putting your goods and services close to the right audience. 

Although you won’t be making any sales at first and might have to spend to get that one email, there is a lot of potential in-store.

With the contact information of potential clients, you can market your good and services to them on a lot more personalized level. With the right lead magnet ideas you are a step closer to achieving your goal.

Choosing the Right Lead Magnet

Getting the marketing right would begin with choosing the right lead magnet. It has to be something that will appeal to your potential customers, ideal for your target market, and offers a lot of value.

And for this, you have to do your research or work with a digital marketer with the required expertise. 

Ideally, you don’t want to waste much time brainstorming the perfect gift. A simple guide providing information regarding your industry could be enough to serve as an ideal exchange for potential client’s contacts.

And this will lead you to begin the process of creating the right lead magnet. 

Creating the Right Lead Magnet 

You want to have the right strategy if you intend to get the right results. I mean, the end goal is to get conversions and possibly sales for your effort, so it helps if you put in the effort to get the right results. When it comes to creating the best lead strategy, some of the things you want to consider include. 

Define your Potential Buyers 

When you are up for picking the perfect gift, you want to consider the person you are getting it for. If you are shopping for your kid, you will likely choose something different than when shopping for your spouse. And this is what you want to do when defining your buyer persona. 

You want to prepare something that would be ideal for your target audience, and it helps if you get an insight into their pressing needs.

Presenting something that your potential clients would ordinarily pay for can be a better way to go about defining your perfect lead magnet. 

Rather than casting your net to a larger market, you want to narrow it down so it can be easy for your potential audience to locate you. 

A straightforward way to put it would be that a recipe book with some of the trending recipes could be something your visitors would like to have in their inbox if you are in the food and catering business. A kiddies’ store could offer a percent discount for signing up for their newsletter; it’s all a matter of your ability to sell it to your visitors. 

Start Building your Email List 

Now that you have an idea who your target audience is and likely what you will have to do to reach out to them. The next thing will be to get started with building your email list. You don’t want to wait first before you have a guide ready before getting your list started. 

There are options, such as Clickfunnels, that help you build an email list and do more with your digital marketing. You want to research all the options available to determine which would be ideal for your business.

Once you have found one, get on board and start working on your value proposition. 

What Value Should You Propose?

Ideally, after defining your potential customers, the next thing would be to determine the value you want to offer. I only mentioned building an email list before, so you know to get settled on subscriptions, so you won’t have to stress about it once you start with the marketing. 

Your value proposition has to be well thought. First, ask yourself if you will find it useful if you were the one to download the e-book or enroll in the course.

It may be best to hire a lead specialist to work this one out, but you could save yourself the expense with a little research and writing. Then again, it doesn’t help to pay for quality for your audience even if you intend to give it for free. 

Get into your potential audience’s mind if you must, and there are ways to do this in the age of digital marketing. You can check retail sites such as Amazon for products in your category and look at the best sellers. Read through the pros and cons section and try to get an insight into how they decide to buy. 

You can also make use of keyword research tools to understand what people are searching for relating to your business. This can allow you to create the right lead magnet to appeal to your campaign and get the desired results.

You can find more tips online on carrying out keyword research.

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How to Optimize your Lead Magnet to Stick?

It’s called a lead magnet, and you want it to be attractive and stick to anything that comes in contact with it. And this includes visitors to your site or page. Some of the things you can do once you have launched your campaign to ensure it is optimized to stick include. 

  • Carry out A/B test 
  • Check to see your links are dofollow 
  • Use segments to organize your subscribers 
  • Follow an email marketing schedule so your subscribers can stay in the loop. You can hire an expert copywriter for this purpose. 

Final Note 

There is nothing technical about creating a marketing campaign for your business, and when it comes to the surest way to grow an email list. You want to consider a lead magnet that will attract potential subscribers. 

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