Evolution’s Finest: Dragon Tiger Review 

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What makes Evolution Gaming’s Dragon Tiger so enticing to play is its simplicity. There aren’t a lot of games that capture the fun vibe Dragon Tiger has while maintaining simple gameplay. This game finds the balance between having easy mechanics and providing fun ideas to the game. Players will definitely find joy playing this game, especially when winning high payouts. 

Dragon Tiger has some unique features and a ton of payout opportunities that will keep you coming back for more. Why is this game so great and why should you start playing it right now? Here is a full review of Dragon Tiger and the best parts about it: 

Dragon Tiger Review

How to play Dragon Tiger?

Evolution’s Dragon Tiger gameplay won’t take you a long time to get familiar with. The game is fast-paced with only 25 seconds for each round. This adds a lot of thrill and dynamic to the game where the player gets to select the chip and place it on one of the various betting options. 

These options are the Dragon, Tiger, Tie, or the side with a Suited Tie. The side bets are optional with a payout ratio of 50:1. The risk is equivalent to the ratio and betting on the Suited Tie. Doing so takes a lot of courage to have the odds stacked against you. 

Once the bets are placed, the dealer will then draw two cards placing them face up on the Dragon and Tiger sides. To win, bets must be placed on which value has the higher hand. The greater the value, the better chances of winning. 

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Dragon Tiger’s key features

Aside from its simple mechanics, Dragon Tiger has other key features that you need to take note of. Here are a few that will sway you into trying the game out: 

  • Optional Suited Tie bet with a 50:1 payout rate.
  • The in-game live chat feature allows you to interact with other players and even the dealer.
  • It has hyper-realistic video quality with the option to adjust the resolution.
  • It has audio options that give players the choice to mute other players and the dealers. 
  • It has a stat board with detailed records of previous winners and the highest payouts won. 

Pros and cons of Dragon Tiger

While the game is without a doubt amazing, there are still some pros and cons to weigh to make the fairest assessment of Dragon Tiger. Below are the pros and cons that you should know: 


  • It has fast-paced and easy gameplay.
  • It has a low house edge and high RTP of 96.27%.
  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate through.


  • You only have 14 seconds to decide how much and where to bet on. 


Evolution Gaming’s Dragon Tiger is one of the most interesting live casino games to play right now. With easy gameplay that anyone can simply play through, it’s difficult to set aside its great features for other games. If you still haven’t tried out this game, now is the perfect time to do so.

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Dragon Tiger FAQs

Check out the game’s most frequently asked question below: 

Can you talk to the live dealers?

The game has a chat function that allows you to communicate with other players and the dealer as well. 

What does suited tie mean in Dragon Tiger? 

When the Dragon and Tiger have the same card, you’ll receive a 50:1 payout that’s known as a suited tie in the game. 

Which card has the highest value? 

The King (K) has the highest value while the Ace (A) has the lowest. 

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