Dubai Car Rental Tips Everybody Should Know!

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Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates known for its commercial activities and state-of-the-art infrastructural designs. It is one of the most populated cities in the Emirates with a population of almost 3.5 million people as of January 2020. Also, Dubai has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world with a growth rate of 6.1 as of 2014 boosting the GDP of the city to USD$107.1 billion.

Furthermore, Dubai is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world with the Burj Khalifa, topping the chart as the tallest building in the world. Dubai is also home to Burj al Arab; the most expensive hotel in the world. Dubai is a top city for commerce and tourism.

Car Rental Dubai is a great way to explore the city of Dubai because car rentals offer more comfort and convenience than the public transportation systems available in the city.

Furthermore, car rentals offer people the opportunity to enjoy different varieties of cars at affordable rates which are way better than buying only one brand of car.

Dubai Car Rental Tips Everybody Should Know

If you have finally made up your mind to rent a car from the business bay, these are the 10 Dubai car rental tips you should know.

1. Consider the minimum age limit

To rent a car Dubai, a car renter must be up to the age of 21. This particular rule is protected by the law of the Emirates and must be obeyed by both residents and tourists in Dubai.

Furthermore, to rent a luxury car most car rentals set the minimum age for rental at 25 years. Therefore, when you want to rent a car, ask for the minimum age limit required to rent the car of your choice.

2. Some documents are required

Some documents are normally required by car rentals before an individual can rent a car from them. An Emirates driver’s license is the basic document that is required from a resident of Dubai and you must also present an Emirates ID copy and a visa page copy before you can pick a car.

On the other hand, a tourist must submit either an International driving permit in some cases or a European or home country driving license before he or she can rent a car in Dubai.

In addition to the driver’s license, a tourist will be asked to submit a visit visa and passport copies before he or she can rent a car.

3. A security deposit is always paid in advance

A security deposit is a fee that a car rental holds unto until a renter returns the car to them. This fee is normally paid in advance by the car renter and the cost of the security deposit depends on the location of the renter and the length of the rental time.

A security deposit is normally refunded to a renter once he or she returns the car.

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4. Airport car rentals are expensive

Some car rentals operate within the vicinity of the airport to provide rental cars to residents and tourists coming into Dubai through the airports. However, these car rental services are always expensive because airport car rentals normally collect taxes on every car rental deal that is almost 20% of the total car rental cost.

Instead of spending more money by using the airport rental, rent a car when you leave the airport.

5. Do not drive beyond the border of the UAE

It is highly forbidden by the law of the UAE for renters to drive rented vehicles outside the border of the country.

Therefore, no matter the circumstances, do not drive a rental car beyond the border of the UAE, however, if you wish to do this, obtain the necessary recommendation from the car rental company.

6. Early car reservation is a good option

Car Rental Dubai offers early car reservation services to their customers so they can book for rental cars early before they need them. This is a very good development and to encourage customers to do this, car rentals offer special bonuses and amazing discounts to clients that use these services.

Also, when you book for a rental car the price does not change so you are sure that you will not have to pay extra money when the car is in high demand.

7. Some car accessories can be of great help

Car accessories were introduced to provide added comfort and help to clients that rent a car Dubai. For example, a GPS device installed in a vehicle can help a tourist or new resident to locate places that he or she may not know. Indeed, most car accessories can be of great help in some cases.

8. Take a look at the insurance policy

Several car rentals have insurance policies that govern the use of some cars. For instance, a car rental normally makes it compulsory that a car renter must provide insurance cover for a luxury car.

However, no matter the case, when you want to rent a car, always take a good look at the insurance policy of the car rental and if you must provide an insurance cover for the car, do not pay the insurance charge of the car rental rather employ a personal insurance company to provide insurance cover for the rental car.

9. Inspect the vehicle very well

Before you drive a rental car out of the rental lot, inspect the rental car very well, and be sure the car is in the best condition before driving the car away.

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10. Thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the car rental

When it comes to Car Rental Dubai, you must pay serious attention to the various policies guiding the car rental company by thoroughly reading the terms and conditions of the car rental before signing the agreement paper.

In summary, it is the desire of everybody in Dubai to have a hassle-free trip to Dubai, and to enjoy that, the 10 tips mentioned in this article will be enough to guide you.

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