Best Bitcoin Live Casino Games to Play for Side Bet Fans

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Every live casino game has several types of bets that you can make using Bitcoin. They can be differentiated broadly between main and side bets depending on whether they are the focus of the game or not. Side-betting is the most popular among veterans as they always come with higher payouts than the main bet. 

Another distinction that made side-betting fun is how one bet can have plenty of possible outcomes. Rather than choosing a specific bet with a set odds and payout, any outcome that falls into the side bet category pays you back equal to its rate.

Best Bitcoin Live Casino Games to Play for Side Bet Fans

Here are three of the best games to play for their side bets:


Among the simplest games, you can play at an online casino is the baccarat. All you have to do is guess which between the banker or the player will have the highest hand in a round based on the two to three cards that they get each turn.

It follows a rather complex system albeit automated so players only need to focus on the outcome rather than the process.

Baccarat can come with the most varied sets of side bets among all Bitcoin live casino games. Most will include pairs for either hand or whether all four starting cards will be fully black or red.

There are also side bets on whether there will be a third-card draw on either hand or how many cards will there be on the table in total. See all titles from different providers in a Bitcoin live casino to see more options.

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Teen Patti

Just like baccarat, Teen Patti will only have you choosing between two options but it came with various versions. The most popular of which is the standard where you pay the ante first and then decide whether to play or fold after getting your card.

Another popular alternative is Bet on Teen Patti where you guess which of the two sides will have the better three-card combination.

Side bets in Teen Patti revolve around the hierarchy of the three-card combination that either hand will form. You just need to place your bet and you have a chance to win it back depending on what the value of the result is.

A more exciting side bet is called the 3+3 bonus. This time, you win depending on which five-card combination is formed by combining all six cards on the table. 

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Likewise, poker is also a popular game for side betting in a Bitcoin live casino. It’s a game that centers around having a better hand than the dealer or other players on the table. The multiplayer versions of the game don’t have side-bets but all single-player ones do. 

Side bets in poker usually involve what the next card will be in the community or what kind of combination is possible at the flop. In the case of Side Bet City, a game all about poker side bets, you just need to have the best combination at the first 3, 5, or 7 cards each round.

There’s also the side bet where there is no win on all three options. Explore other options as there are many versions of poker games to try. 

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