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Bitcoin Code Review

Bitcoin Code Review



Automating your Bitcoin trading will give you many advantages, such as more profit potential, more timesaving potential, and many other benefits. The good thing about automatic Bitcoin trading is that you can do it using the right mobile app.

There are plenty of good mobile apps you can use to automate your Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin Code ( is one of such apps that offers you the benefits and features you need to automate your Bitcoin trading activities.

Bitcoin Code Review

However, is it worth your while? This is the Bitcoin Code app review you should read before deciding on using this application to trade your Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. Let’s dive into it.

Simple and Easy-to-Use App Interface

The first thing you will notice from the Bitcoin Code app is the simple and easy-to-use app interface. This app gives the users the ability to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without having to think about the complexities in-between their trading activities.

The app interface doesn’t have much clutter that might hinder the users from reaching their goals in using the app.

Please note that Bitcoin Code is the app designed to help the users perform automatic trading activities for Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. So, the app will focus on this function as the primary feature, and it doesn’t add any other extra features you might expect from a Bitcoin trading platform.

It focuses on simplicity and ease of use for the app. After logging in, you can set your preferences for how you want to automate your trading activities, and the app will start the automation process according to the preferences you set for it to do.

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Automated Trading for Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Again, the automated trading for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the primary focus of Bitcoin Code, so don’t expect any extra or additional features added to the app.

It supports the trading for various cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, such as DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. You can automate the trading process for any cryptocurrency you choose, and you are free to change the settings for your trading activities.

It uses the AI system that allows the app to learn your trading behaviors by looking at the preferences and activities you perform on the app. So, it will adapt the app function based on your activities.

You can expect good personalization from the app, and it will make it better for you to profit more in your trading activities. All activities are secure, and the app connects to the broker websites with an encrypted connection.

Warning – The App is No Longer Updated

As great as the app might sound, the Bitcoin Code is no longer updated on the Play Store, so you need to think about it before using the app. It was last updated in 2019, which is bad for the app as important as this.

The lack of updates makes the app look suspicious, and there are many users reporting problems when they use the app.

There are various problems the users experienced with the app, such as the inability to log in, the inability to register, concerns about the user’s privacy, and so on.

The app page on Google Play Store might still be active, but the developers seem to abandon the app, meaning that you can’t expect it to work well for you.

There’s no update from the developers regarding this app development as well. So, it should warn you not to use this app, because you might risk losing your investment if you do so.

The App is No Longer Available on Most Devices

Another problem with the Bitcoin Code app on the Google Play Store is that the app is no longer available on most devices. This is another warning that you need to pay attention to before trying to use this app in some ways.

Of course, it could be a problem for most users, as they will expect the app to work on their devices. However, the app might not work or no longer work on your device today.

Again, this can be a problem, as this type of Bitcoin trading app needs to get updated as often as possible. It also needs to be compatible with most devices on the market today.

With the developers ignoring to keep the app compatibility with most devices, it means that you cannot expect the app to work for you today. You also can’t trust the app with your money.

Low App Rating and Bad User Reports

To add more problems to this app, the app has collected low app ratings and bad user reports on its Google Play Store page. So, this app’s reputation is becoming worse than before. Some users report the app is a scam, and it is not a legit Bitcoin trading application you can install on your device.

Other users warn you shouldn’t trust your personal information with the app, as it might not be secure for you to give your personal information to them.

The low app rating for this app gives the lack of confidence for other users to use the app and take advantage of what it offers to them. So, it is better to be cautious before you decide to use this app.

Listen to what other users are saying, and try to find other alternative apps for your Bitcoin trading activities. There are still many other good apps you can use to replace Bitcoin Code.

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As of right now, it is better for you to stay away from this app. The developers haven’t updated this app for a long time, and there are plenty of unsatisfied users for this app.

The app rating is also very low, which makes it suspicious. It is also better for you to try finding other alternative apps on the Play Store that offer similar benefits and features. Find the alternative apps that have a high rating on the Play Store and also positive user reviews.

Trading on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is easy to do when you have the right mobile app for this purpose. However, Bitcoin Code seems not to be the app you are looking for. We can’t recommend this app to you, and in fact, we ask you to stay away from it.

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