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7 Practical Uses of Smartwatch

7 Practical Uses of Smartwatch



Having a watch-sized tiny partial smartphone on your wrist can be a very exciting prospect. Like all watches, the smartwatch also shows the time but along with it provides you many extra features like Bluetooth, taking phone calls, reading texts, accessing GPS, reading the weather, and so on.

7 Practical Uses of Smartwatch

The 7 practical uses of smartwatch given here can be rather intriguing. Some smartwatches even allow you to track your health on the go and can be of immense help.

Smartwatches do not function alone and may need the help of a smartphone to collect data and send it to them, but all in all, they’re quite handy and compact. In everyday life, there are many practical uses a smartwatch can aid you with.

So here we have listed out some 7 practical uses of a smartwatch in detail to provide a wider understanding of its capabilities. After a lot of innovation in this field of smartwatches, now it’s not the luxury thing to own, even one can get the best smartwatch at the price point for under 5000.

Smartwatches: Are they Worth the Hype?

A smartphone will obviously have plenty more applications and features than a simple smartwatch. They are more integrated and wide usage. But the entire point of owning a smartwatch is to make day to day tasks lighter or to function as a helping hand when your smartphone is not accessible.

Smartwatches are insanely compact, mobile, and easy to use. They keep track of many of your bodily functions and also provide you alerts of them.

Different from smartphones, the smartwatches have a better and longer battery life once charged. In some models, the charge can last up to 10 days or so.

So while going on trips these smart watches keep you connected for a longer time than your phones without wasting battery life so they are also very reliable. There are even waterproof features in some smartwatches.

The warranty on these smartwatches can also go from a minimum of 1-year to 3 years. Also, there are smartwatches made for children and women separately with personalized usage intended.

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Practical Uses Listed

Now take a look at the top 7 practical uses of smartwatch listed below along with the detailed explanation.

1. Music

Music is a very important part of our daily life nowadays. The way the feature works is when you have your earphones plugged into your smartphone and with the smartwatch on your wrist you can control the functions like switching to the song you want and adjusting the volume.

This is extremely handy when you are in a sticky situation where you don’t want to take your phone out of your pocket or even when you can’t take it out.

Smartwatches can save the day with just some simple swipes and you are good to go. This can also sync to the Bluetooth headphones so the trouble of having a wire mix up can be avoided all at the touch of this small device on your wrist.

2. Fitness

Smartwatches tied to your wrist can do basically one thing universally and that is to track your pulse. Given its close contact with your vein, sensors built in them closely track your heartbeat and send the signal to the apps in your smartphone for analyzing.

This way even if you are going through a stroke or any other heart condition and can’t call for help, the smartwatch automatically provides a distress signal and sends out an alert.

Apart from the pulse rate, smartwatches also have a built-in pedometer and calorie counter. It keeps track of your walks and analyses your health so that your smartphone can give you tips to improve it.  The calorie tracker also works in a similar way.

3. Calls

Taking your phone out and using it is kind of hard when you are in a situation or emergency. Making and letting the user manage calls is yet another big use of these smartwatches.

Different smartwatches work differently in the case of calls. For instance some lets you attend them or cancel them, whereas some also let you turn on a speaker or microphone for the conversation.

Whatever the method it may be, smartwatches can be extremely helpful in providing a smooth interface between your smartphone and you when you are in a position where attending some calls have to be rushed or even when you are stuck in a crowded place and simply can’t seem to get your phone out.

The smartwatch can take care of that problem for you now.

4. Business

In this world, we are running faster than ever behind constantly changing business industries and propositions that sometimes it can just be too tedious to carry around your phone all the time looking for updates and notifications.

Worry not for the smartwatch has got your back. Having a huge but tight schedule also can be made easy by the timely notifications given by the smartwatch.

All your emails and business notifications can be now received as an alert on your smartwatch display. This helps you in identifying which notification is important and which is not so you don’t have to check your phone each time.

This also helps in keeping the workplace etiquette as taking out your phone every time during a meeting can be considered as being impolite, and hence you can surf through your smartwatch along with checking the time.

5. Navigation

Traveling alone can be fun and at the same time, there are also risks of being stranded in an unknown place. With your smartwatch attached to your wrist, this can be made easy.

The built-in GPS navigator helps you find the way with the data from your phone and along with that it also saves you the trouble of having to take your phone out of your pocket while riding a cycle or driving a car.

Being stranded alone in an unknown place can also increase the chances of you being robbed of belongings. Having a smartwatch connected to your phone allows for your phone to stay safe within your pocket or bag while helping you navigate at the same time.

6. Everyday uses

A thing we have to definitely include in this list of 7 practical uses of a smartwatch is common practical uses itself. Apart from all these high-level features, the smartwatch also includes several features to aid you in many other simpler tasks of your daily life.

Instead of setting your alarm on a clock you can also do it on your smartwatch and also set reminders. Even contactless payments are possible with some models.

Then there are some models that come with a calming vibration to wake you from sleep instead of those blaring alarm tones that always startles you. Some smartwatches can also keep track of sleeping patterns so that it can sound the alarm at your most calm phase. 

7. Safety

The safety of the user cannot be compromised anywhere. There are smartwatches with gesture recognition that can be extremely helpful to women in case of rape or in any other dangerous situation. Since these smartwatches are combined with GPS trackers, it can be extremely useful to find your location.

If someone gets lost you can always track their watch and find the location. The same goes for kids too. Kids going missing can also be tracked if they are wearing the smartwatch. It can also give you data on your child’s fitness.

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Types of Smartwatches for You

Given all the practical ways you will be benefited from a smartwatch as an extra you can look at a few brands or types of smartwatches available in the market just to get a clearer picture of this software and types. These are three of the items standing on top.

1. Wear OS

Google developed this software to be installed into smartwatches. Running on Android and programmed by Google it can be extremely handy and filled with exciting features. It was first named Android wear and later its name was changed to Wear OS.

2. Apple

Nothing much to be said here as we all already know Apple is famous for its products, packed with health apps, fitness tracking, and also iOS compatibility with Siri. You can also personalize your watch face.

3. Tizen

Tizen is considered one of the best in the market along with Wear OS but they run on very rare smartwatches. Designed by Samsung, it was made to reduce the user’s dependence on Google.

Special Smartwatches

Apart from the smartwatches made for daily use, there have been other smartwatches in development to aid some special situations and ensure complete and increased user safety. These smartwatches also incorporate all the other functions and features mentioned above in the list of 7 practical uses of the smartwatch.

  • Children’s smartwatch

In schools, children can now smartwatches. They were built especially for kids taking into consideration their safety and well being.

Made of plastic, these smartwatches are pretty lightweight and avoid accidents like hurting the child as the parts remain smooth. They display the time, will allow the child to make calls, and maybe in some models have a display of air temperature.

  • For women

As the cases of rape skyrocketing an innovative solution was designed and incorporated into the form of a smartwatch to aid women mainly.

With a gesture recognition system built into the watch, the user can use this any time to signal when in distress. There will be a point of contact registered somewhere else, and this gesture will send an amber alert there and help can be sent with GPS tracking immediately.


Smartwatches simply provide you with a lot of good functions thus increasing the ease of everyday life for the user. You can start your day and end it all connected to the smartwatch and it shall take care of most of your needs at the touch of a fingertip and on such a compact screen.

Make sure to take in all your needs and all the features smartwatches have to offer before purchasing one for daily use.

There are obviously more than 7 practical uses of a smartphone, but here we have provided you with the 7 most important practical uses that may be of s seemingly large relevance.

Any further inquiry on the 7 practical uses of a smartwatch shall be taken in the comments below and we shall answer all your queries.

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