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How to Train Your American Akita Dog?

How to Train your American Akita Dog?



The excitement you feel when you get back home after a hectic day at work, only to find your dog wagging its tail happily in your living room, is second to none. Named after a region in Japan, Akitas are soft, furry, and excellent companions.

Dogs are meant to make us happy – an extension of our love and affection. However, dealing with a dog that disobeys or acts in an unorderly manner can cause discomfort for both the owner and the dog.

How to Train Your American Akita Dog

So, what’s better than having an adorable Akita? A well-trained one. In this article, we’ll be taking a detailed look at how to train your American Akita dog. 

Creating a Bond

Having a solid bond with your Akita is an essential step. A reliable connection between dog and owner builds trust, security, and respect. 

If you already have an Akita, or you plan on getting one – creating a bond while they’re young is an excellent way to begin. How do I create a good bond with my puppy? Take a look at the steps below:

Be with them Always

Once you get a new pup, ensure you provide him with constant affection. By touching the dog frequently right from an early stage, he would grow used to physical contact. 

And if your Infant pup tries to bite you, a loud “yelp” would do the trick. You need to check, control and prevent biting and scratching on time. For if left unattended, it could become a primary issue in the future.

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Have Fun with Them

Dogs love to play, and what better way to bond with your Akita if not through some quality fun time. Simple actions like going to the park, teaching them to fetch, or picking up a new toy could be helpful.

By doing activities both you and your dog enjoy daily, the bond between you and your pet grows stronger.

Don’t forget to take them on walks, using a leash. Taking walks on a leash helps you control your dog’s movement and offers them chances to explore the environment.

This breed of dog is daring by default, so mild restraints and controlled movement will get your Akita used to walk by your side. You can check here for ways to have fun with your dog. 

Speak the “Dog Language”

Woof! woof!! just kidding. This statement doesn’t imply actual barking. To get your dog in check, you have to study and understand them carefully. 

Although most Akitas have many things in common, each one still has its likes and dislikes. Therefore, by understanding what makes them unique, you can know when there’s something wrong somewhere.

When you fully understand your Akita, it creates room for a stronger bond. And a stronger bond keeps you in control at all times.

Even “Man’s Best Friend” needs Training

Having a well-trained puppy is every pet owner’s dream. And an adequately trained Akita would bring nothing but happiness to its owner. Training your pet is the most important step; this is why you should start preparing your pup the moment you get it home. 

Irrespective of your dog’s age or size, it’s never too late to start proper training. You can learn from many available dog guides on how to get your specific breed to become better trained. 

One of the best times to connect with your Akita is during training. This process is not just about giving instructions and ensuring discipline. It also helps owners spend quality time with their dogs.

You will not only be teaching pups essential life skills that will help them grow into well-rounded adults, but you will also be spending quality time with them. Take your Akitas training to a whole new level using these simple steps:

#1. Simple Instructions

Hold up a treat in front of your dog, pass it from the front to the rear of his head while instructing him to sit. As you perform this action, your Akita will have no choice but to sit while pursuing the treat.

#2. keeping Calm Around Others

Praise him frequently as long as he behaves correctly and is calm amongst other people or dogs. Don’t forget to use a leash for guidance when necessary.

#3. Issue Commands

Ensure he understands basic commands and adheres to them. Akitas are strong-willed, so whenever you tell your pet to “sit,” “rollover,” or “stay down,” don’t forget to praise or give treats for good behavior. By doing this, your dog knows who’s in control and remains loyal.

#4. Pets are Practically Family, Treat them as such

Ensure your pup knows your family and friends well, right from a young age. Being around others would make him get used to physical contact. Now, your Akita would grow up to be more social and friendly.

#5. Establish your Authority

Is there such a thing as too much play? Well, yes. In your quest to get the best behavior out of your dog, always ensure you set boundaries. 

Also, excess treat-rewards might not be such a good thing, as your dog’s behavior might end up depending solely on the availability of treats.

This is something you should avoid watch out for and avoid. This link has more on establishing authority with canine breeds. 

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Final Words 

Anyone who owns a dog is responsible for making sure their dog is well-trained. For a well-trained Akita, is no doubt, man’s best friend.

Akitas are proud and intelligent by default. Most of the time, their uncompromising quality can be sensed as stubbornness. 

But if you are patient enough, you can use this trait to your advantage. Figure out what works best for both you and your dog, and you’ll have a well-trained Akita on your hands in no time!

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