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How to Detect Crypto Jacking?

How to Detect Crypto Jacking?



The more crypto assets you own, the more you need to protect them from any cyberattacks and hackers. Hackers and malicious people can use various methods to steal your crypto assets or hijack your CPU resources for their own gain.

Cryptojacking is the method they can use to earn crypto assets from unsuspecting users without their permission, either by stealing their crypto assets from their wallets or by using their CPU resources to mine cryptocurrencies without their permission.

How to Detect Crypto Jacking

In this guide, you will learn how to detect crypto-jacking and how you can prevent your crypto assets from getting hijacked.

The Reasons Crypto Investors Need to Be Aware of Cryptojacking

Cryptojacking means getting crypto assets without following the normal procedure, such as by stealing them from other users or using other people’s resources to mine cryptocurrencies.

In the world of cryptocurrency, it is possible for any crypto investors to get cryptojacked by malicious users. They might try to steal your crypto assets from your wallet using some malicious methods, which is why you need to be aware of this practice.

Cryptojacking is the form of cyberattacks often done by hackers and other malicious users to get crypto assets by doing no work for it. Sometimes crypto investors get cryptojacked by some malicious users, which can cause them to lose a considerable amount of crypto assets.

Even users with no crypto investment can get cryptojacked, such as by letting the hackers use their computer resources to mine cryptocurrencies without their consent.

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Preventing Your Crypto Assets from Cryptojacking

It is important for you to prevent your crypto assets from getting cryptojacked by hackers or other malicious users. It will help you prevent them from accessing your wallet and also using your computer resources without your permission.

Here are some tips you can follow to prevent your crypto assets from cryptojacking:

  • Use the hardware wallet or any other offline wallets to save your private keys from any cyberattacks and hackers.
  • You need to have good anti-malware installed on your computer to prevent any malicious software from running in the background.
  • Never visit malicious websites known for their activities in using your CPU resources to mine cryptocurrencies.
  • Keep your private keys private only to you and never give them to other people, even to those you trust the most.
  • Don’t download unknown software from unknown sources which you cannot verify, as it might contain hidden malicious software designed for cryptojacking.

Aside from preventing your crypto assets and computer resources from cryptojacking, there are also some methods you can apply to detect crypto-jacking.

Here’s how to detect cryptojacking:

Detecting Crypto Jacking #1 – Scan for Malware Infections on Your Computer

The first method you can follow to detect crypto-jacking is to scan for malware infections on your computer. Crypto-jacking methods often involve sending malware on the target computer and installing them in the background.

Once installed, the malware will work to use the resources of your computer without your permission or steal your crypto assets from your software wallets. The process will happen in the background, and you won’t know it unless you check on it.

The process of cryptojacking will require the malware to use most of your CPU resources. So, everything will become sluggish and run slow on your computer. You will need more time to open apps on your computer, even for running some software you often run with no problem.

So, it’s important for you to scan your computer with good anti-malware to determine whether there’s a cryptojacking process happening on your computer.

Detecting Crypto Jacking #2 – Check Your CPU Usage

Another method to detect crypto-jacking is by checking your CPU usage. Most crypto-jacking attempts will target the CPU resources, as the crypto jackers need to use the CPU resources to mine cryptocurrencies without your permission.

So, the sudden surge of CPU usage on your computer might be because of the cryptojacking process. They will use your CPU resources as a part of their mining pool to earn cryptocurrencies by cloud mining.

To check your CPU usage, you need to access the Task Manager on your computer. Then, you will need to check the performance tab and see how much CPU usage you are using right now. In normal situations, you might use only below 50% CPU usage to access regular applications on your computer.

If your CPU usage shoots through the roof, meaning that it is almost or at 100% usage, it means that your CPU resources are getting used by the crypto jackers for the mining processes.

Detecting Crypto Jacking #3 – Check the Websites You Visit

Many cryptojackers will use their website to lure people into their cryptojacking trap. For the people who visit their website, the crypto jackers will install simple software on their computer, which will function as a tool for them to use the CPU resources of their target computer.

Sometimes, the crypto jackers will tell you, you are visiting a website that mines cryptocurrency on their behalf. But often, they won’t tell you that, so they will do it without your permission.

If your computer becomes sluggish after visiting a certain website, such as torrenting sites, free software websites, and many others, you might just get cryptojacked by some malicious people.

Check your CPU performance as soon as possible and see if your computer is getting a surge in CPU usage after visiting a certain site. Close the site right away and see if your CPU usage returns to normal.

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As a crypto investor, you need to do your best to protect your crypto assets. Remember, even though the blockchain network or the cryptocurrency is secure and private by design, there are always methods hackers can use to break into that security and privacy.

You are the one who has the responsibility to keep your crypto assets safe. So, always use precautions when you store or use the crypto assets you have.

It is also important for you to protect your CPU resources from cryptojacking. You need to detect crypto-jacking as early as possible, and you need to cut it down as soon as possible.

Hackers can’t use your resources if you cut down the source of their crypto-jacking process, such as by deleting the malware or closing the website used for cryptojacking. Keep your crypto assets safe and keep them growing.

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